Hi everyone,

My clear nylon 0.040 'B' string recently broke. When I purchased my harp a few years ago, I also bought a full string set on the Sylvia Woods website. The full set only comes with one clear 0.040 string, and unfortunately, I broke it while bringing it up to tune. (It was my first time trying to change a string.) :(

I was looking to find a replacement, and have discovered that Sylvia Woods no longer sells single strings, or even full sets for the grand harpsicle. The Harpsicle website does sell strings for the grand, but they only sell full sets (and I only need one string!) for $165.00! I can't believe how much the prices have increased in just a couple years.

Is there anywhere online that I can buy the single string I need?

Leave a comment if you have any ideas. Any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Apparently I didn't have a way for you to comment on the blog. But a nice reader named Helen emailed me. She said I should contact Sylvia directly. Which is what I did. For anyone looking... I emailed Sylvia Woods and evidently she DOES still sell full sets for the Grand Harpsicle. :) I ended up finding single nylon strings on the Dusty Strings website. But thank you to everyone who chimed in with some sources. I will keep them bookmarked for the future!